Best eyewear brands for spring

Spring is the season of renewal, making it the perfect time to rejuvenate your style and embrace change. With nature blossoming and the days staying lighter for longer, why not infuse that fresh spring energy into your eyewear wardrobe?

We’re highlighting five of the best eyewear brands in store, perfect for embracing the season’s spirit. Featuring a number of 2024 eyewear trends, such as two-toned frames, geometric shapes, and bold statements like cat-eye frames, these frames offer something for everyone hoping to soak up the spring sunshine in style. Not forgetting the color of the season and year, peach fuzz. Let’s look through our top picks!

American Optical Sunglasses

American Optical’s timeless sunglasses evoke a sense of American heritage, making them a perfect choice for the sunny days ahead. With over 130 years of experience in crafting eyewear, their iconic, modern styles such as aviators and wayfarer in sleek metallic finishes, are both stylish and durable. Worn by pilots, Presidents, and NASA space crews, you know the quality of frames will be remarkable in a retro look.

American Optical Sunglasses

Image sourced from @aoeyewear


For those seeking sleek and modern optical frames, OGI delivers with its innovative designs and attention to detail. From bold colors like oranges, greens, and purples to more neutral tones like peaches, browns, and whites, OGI eyewear appeals to a diverse range of lifestyles and personalities. Including minimalist metal, transparent frames, and bold two-toned looks (2024 eyewear trend alert!), OGI offers a range of durable, captivating, and creative options.

OGI eyewear

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As the brand once said, their frames are “a neoclassic addition to your wardrobe that is an extension of you at your best.” Seraphin’s optical exudes luxury and sophistication, with elegant designs crafted from high-quality materials. Their frames often project a vintage feel through fine-line design, intricate detailing, and subtle embellishments. Perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your spring ensemble.


Image sourced from @seraphineyewear


If you’re looking for fun, colorful, and vibrant frames this spring then this is your brand! Lafont’s authentic frames seamlessly blend chic with modern sensibility in both their optical and sunglasses collections. With playful patterns, beautiful attention to detail, and unique shapes, Lafont Paris sunglasses are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Image sourced from @lafontparis


MODO’s optical frames combine innovation with sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology to create stylish eyewear with a conscience. Their frames come in a variety of shapes and colors, with a focus on minimalist design and maximum comfort. Embrace the spirit of spring with frames in soft pastel hues and nature-inspired hues, complementing the season’s fresh palette.

MODO's optical frames

Image sourced from @modoeyewear

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